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:: Greek for Kids ::
A Home Study Course for Children Ages 3 to 7. Give a Gift for Life!

Kids Learn
1. Easy vocabulary related to their daily experiences
2. How to understand and participate in family conversations in Greek
3. How to read and write in Greek

Course Material Includes
1. Greek for Kids course (in Greek and English using easy to learn phonetics)
2. A 120-minute cassette covering the book
3. Four colorfully illustrated workbooks
4. Cassette with the best of Greek children's songs

To Order
$59.00 with cassettes | $69.00 with CDs
(plus $5.00 S&H)

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:: Companion Books for Fast-Track Learning for Kids ::

Kindergarten Complete Year Course
This colorfully illustrated book is based on the course recommended by the Ministry of Greek Education for 4 to 6 year olds.  It covers ALL aspects of learning necessary for an easy transition to first grade (or LEVEL 1).
Price: $25.00

ABG - I Learn the Greek Letters
This beautifully illustrated book teaches the child to shape the Greek letters, learn their sounds, select the correct picture sticker and place it by the appropriate letter.  Kids engage in coloring and art, and begin to learn their FIRST Greek words.
Price: $13.00

Learn to Shape the Greek Letters
This book teaches the child to shape his letters, learn their sounds, and color a picture.  The name of the object on the picture starts with the SOUND of the letter the child has just learned.
Price: $13.00

My First Writing Book
This book is designed to teach the child:
1. The sounds of the Greek letters
2. How to shape the letters
3. How to pronounce syllables
4. How to build syllables, words, sentences
Price: $15.00

Begin To Read And Write In Greek
This is a fascinating book that kids love.  Here, kids engage in a variety of activities that involve letters, words, relationships between words and pictures, etc.  It is beautifully illustrated and has a very creative approach. 
Price: $15.00

English-Greek Dictionary (With 190 Colorful Stickers)
This book is designed to teach the child basic Greek vocabulary through colorful pictures.  The vocabulary is taken from a child's immediate life experiences - home, church and school.  It highlights very meaningful and loving relationships.
Price: $16.00

Review Words And Sentences Through Cards
Using colorful letters, and a unique layout, 24 8x10 cards help the child review the letters and sentences he has studied, and learn many more new ones.  The cards help hold the child's interest both in the reading and writing part of the activities.  Beautifully done -come in a plastic case, easy for kids to carry around.  These cards are great for children and adults, too!
Price: $22.00

My First Crossword Puzzle
Great as vocabulary builder and fun for children and adults alike!
Price: $13.00

Series of Children's Textbooks and Workbooks for ages K-5
A list of these books (with descriptions and prices) will be e-mailed to you upon request.
Price: Please Inquire


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