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:: Books We Love ::
The books in this section speak of the character, the spirit, and the accomplishments of the Greeks throughout the ages. It is their language - and civilization - we'll be learning with special pride.

History of Greece in a Nutshell (In English - by Matina Psyhogeos)
This magnificent book covers briefly the history of Greece from the pre-historic time through the Olympic Games of 2004.  It includes a chronological table, and biographical sketches of the most important personalities.
Price: $19.95

Journey to Greece (In English - by Matina Psyhogeos)
This is indeed "the ultimate tour guide", as the book is often called. It is the most complete and accurate tour guide of all ages - with telephone numbers (updated yearly) of government agencies, tourist centers, hotels, restaurants, entertainment centers, consulates, police, hospitals, etc. The book, as the author tells us, "...is designed to accommodate by presenting facts and recommendations necessary to anyone visiting a foreign country..."  It is a MUST for every tourist who plans to visit Greece, even for a day.
Price: $24.95

Olympic Games (In English - by Matina Psyhogeos)
This book accurately presents the history of the Olympic Games, the place of Greece in the history of the world, and the importance of the Olympic spirit.
Price: $19.95

Great Personalities of Ancient Greece (In simple Greek)
Excellent for teenagers and adults who have some knowledge of Greek.  It covers the biographies of the most important personalities of Ancient Greece.
Price: $16.95

Life in Ancient Greece (In simple Greek)
Excellent for teenagers and adults. Every aspect of the life of the Greeks, per historic period, is colorfully illustrated, and described skillfully - in segments no more than a paragraph or two. It stops with the Roman conquest, 146 BC.
Price: $16.95

The 12 Months of the Year
This is a book in Hellenic folklore, customs and traditions.  Each month of the year enriches the lives of young and old with the knowledge of the Hellenic, religious holidays, customs and traditions.  Special children stories, poems, songs and dances come to life through the used of the most precious audio cassettes, which come with the "one-of-a-kind" book.
Price: $19.95

91 Popular Greek Songs - For Piano and Organ (Words and Music, and CD included)
Great for ALL ages.
Price: $24.95

Best Selection of Greek Songs - for young and old
Words only- to some of the most popular Greek songs, both old and contemporary.
Price: $15.95

A Musical Voyage
A masterpiece of its type, a selection of the most popular, and traditional Greek songs over the ages. Hard-bound; 304 pages of immortal songs for any occasion.
Price: $29.95


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