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Welcome to SPEAK GREEK NOW — the most effective Greek language learning system on the Internet today.  We provide fully supervised courses for children and adults of all ages - from 3 to 93!

Speak Greek in 2 Months is designed to make learning Greek simple, quick, practical, fast, fun and affordable.   Helen Dumas' unique teaching method is the result of 30 years of research, field testing and professional development. 

Many programs make languages — especially Greek — difficult to grasp.   Their programs focus on all the wrong things - words without context, rules of grammar that you barely understand in English and drills that don't make any sense.

This program is perfect for "foreigners" or "travelers" who are planning summer trips to Greece — as well as for anyone who is interested in fully learning the Greek language - not only speaking it, but understanding, reading and writing it! 

The first course — Speak Greek in 2 Months — is designed for beginners — children and adults.  It is designed for students who come from non-Greek speaking families.  It is done phonetically (using the English alphabet) and is an 8 week basic communication course.  It is ideal for students, tourists, corporate executives, airline personnel, diplomatic service, and mixed marriages.

You can ask questions via e-mail — free of charge — for 8 weeks after buying the course.

Affordable private tutoring and coaching is available online and via telephone for students who want to learn the language in the shortest amount of time!   You can accelerate the Speak Greek in 2 Months program from the comfort of your own home or office. Online and phone tutoring can help you pull all the pieces together so that you can master the Greek language in record time.

The goal of investing in Speak Greek in 2 Months is for you to learn how to speak Greek with others effortlessly.   There's no better way to do that than to have phone and online tutoring so you can master your lessons and the language - and start speaking Greek like someone who was born in Athens.

The best part? You don't ever have to leave the comfort of your own home!   No traffic, no parking issues, no wasted time commuting. Even if you have a Greek language school in your area, if you work, like most Americans do, who has time to drive to a remote location after putting in an 8 hour day?   You can set up phone/email lessons in advance and spend more time learning and zero time commuting.   It is the best of all possible worlds. You can schedule half hour or one hour phone lessons from anywhere in the world at your convenience.   If you have a phone, you can master the Greek language — it's that simple!  

There are 6 adult level courses available beyond the beginners level — all presented with companion books to help students with their independent study.  There is also a series of children's textbooks, with workbooks, available for elementary school grades K through 5.

Students and scholars can even learn to read and fully understand Homer's Odyssey, or any of the great classics ( in the modern Greek translation version.)

SpeakGreekNow.com was designed as a way to reach out to Greek and non-Greek speaking families who live in parts of the world where they may be miles from a Greek Orthodox parish - where most traditional Greek language schools are found.  This course is also a way to reach out to Greek families all around the globe, who want to teach their children and grandchildren the Greek language, and the spirit of Hellenism - from Australia to South Africa, and from Alaska to India and the Far East.

Greek is the language of the nation that gave birth to the most remarkable civilization in the human history:  Never in the history of the world has any civilization given so much in the realm of art, sculpture, painting, architecture, science, philosophy, mythology, religion, literature, drama, and poetry!  It was from Greece that Alexander the Great set out to conquer the world.  It was from Greece that the Byzantine emperors erected their most magnificent churches and palaces.  It was from Greece that St. Paul preached to the "Unknown God". 

Greece has the most appealing history of all nations.  Ancient and modern periods alike have fascinated individuals who have cultivated an interest in Greek history, culture, and especially the Greek language.   Get ready for your own journey of discovery and adventure.

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